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Letters From  The Laity:


Statement of the Laity

of the 45th Diocesan Assembly:
    The laity, meeting as delegates and observers to the Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of the Midwest, wish to add our voices to the archpriests and priests of the Orthodox Church in America who have called for accountability and transparency with regard to allegations of misconduct at the highest level of our church.

    We add our voices to theirs and we stand in support of:

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel that has been held up in our midst by our faithful clergy;

    Our Orthodox Faith that guides us in Truth so that we may be witnesses to the world of the love and healing forgiveness of Christ;

    Our beloved Archbishop Job as he works with love for openness, transparency and healing among his fellow bishops;

    Our clergy who have been willing to stand for truth and honesty among us;

    Full disclosure so that allegations of misconduct can be either confirmed or cleared;

    The laws of our nation, states and communities that help bring order to our society;

    Our children and grandchildren to whom we desire to hand an Orthodox Church standing for truth, honesty and the fullness of our Orthodox Faith.
-Signed by 46 lay delegates and observers to the 45th Midwest Diocesan Assembly

September 24, 2006


What Others Are Doing:

"The OCA cannot heal itself by keeping silent anymore than keeping silent can make the dumb to speak or the deaf to hear."

  --An OCA Priest

Have you written the Metropolitan, your Bishop, your Metropolitan Council member

today? If so, we'll post your letter here, for others to read.

Has your parish council or parish written or adopted something regarding the scandal? We'll post it here for others to read as well.

Has your sisterhood, organization or fellowship written something or adopted a resolution? If so, we'll post it here as well...

Has your deanery written something or adopted resolutions regarding the scandal? We'll post it here for others to read as well.

Are you going to attend your Diocesan Assembly as a delegate or guest to speak with delegates about these issues?

If your diocese adopts a statement or resolution, we'll post it here as well...

Now is the time for your voice be heard!