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• OCANews Passes 12,000 Reader Mark

As OCANews enters its sixth week of publication, more than 12,000 people have visited our site, with more than 5,500 readers visiting daily. That total is equivalent to more than half the contributing members of the OCA. Our latest link is from the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia. You can read their unique, take on events in America here:

• Clayton WI Parish Passes Unanimous Resolution Calling for Investigation

At their parish meeting held last weekend, the rural parish voted unanimously to request the Holy Synod to investigate and audit (Read their letter here)

• Update & Correction To Our Story Of 2.9.06: "Midwest Clergy Sign Letter"

Two priests have added their signatures to the Midwest Clergy letter. Fr. Oliver Herbel and Fr. Christopher Phillips, attached clergy to Holy Nativity parish in Madison IL, participated in the meeting, but had to leave before they could sign. They later asked to append their names in support of the letter, to which Archbishop Job agreed. This brings the total number of signatories to the Midwest Clergy letter to 59.

In that story, OCANews reported that Archbishop Job selected the authors of the Midwest Clergy letter. We have been informed that the authors were, in fact, selected by the Chancellor, Fr. John Zdinak, with the agreement of the six deans. We regret the error.

• Update to Editor's Remarks

  on the Comments Board

Under normal circumstances, free and open discussion of Church issues by identified individuals would be the rule on this site. For a time, though, given the fear that existed throughout the OCA, we honored requests for anonymity, as long as writers identified themselves to the editor by name and email address.

The Lesser Synod then reiterated the OCA's adherence to "Best Practices", and clergy in the Midwest signed their names to an open letter to the Metropolitan. Both gave us pause that the time for anonymous postings was over. As a result, we wrote on the comment board in reactions to the Midwest Clergy letter that: "They signed their names; we should do no less. No anonymous postings from now on. The fear, deception and half truths have to stop."

Due to an overwhelming response from our readers, we have reconsidered the policy concerning requested anonymity. As one respondent complained about the policy: "Just last night, a veteran priest from Eastern PA called me, and he is scared out of his wits that he will be disciplined/transferred if he speaks out. And he is MAD, but he won't jeopardize his family."

Clearly, circumstances are still not at all normal or healthy at present. "Best Practices" for the OCA remains a goal, not a reality, despite its repeated affirmation. Having heard from many potential posters -- clergy and lay -- who are frightened, we now find it necessary to once again allow the posting of anonymous messages.

In the future though, we ask those requesting anonymity to supply a name for the editor to use, so that if someone writes more than once, readers will know that those comments are coming from the same person.

A valid email address is also required, but we will delete it before posting.

                                   -Mark Stokoe






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