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The OCA has released its proposed agenda for the

15th All- American Council. Still skeletal in form, the agenda divides the Council into four major sections: "Reflecting on the Past", "The Needs of the Day", "Financing the Future" and "Go Forth". As such, it moves the election from the first day of the Council on Monday, November 10th, as previously announced by the Synod, to the morning session on Wednesday, November 12th during "The Needs of the Day".

Prior to the election, the Council is to be occupied with unspecified Workshops, a Town Hall for delegates moderated by Bishop Nikon and two Forums on the SIC Report moderated by Bishop Benjamin. This will be followed by a panel discussion by Syosset staffers, the election itself, and a dinner that evening with an unidentified guest speaker. The last morning of the Council, the new Metropolitan is scheduled to give some comments. The Council ends that afternoon.

Between the scheduled agenda items, time is given at each session for discussion, questions, resolutions and amendments. Liturgically, the Council will include a divine liturgy held each morning, daily Vespers, and a late-night Matins with "Act of Repentance" , followed by a reading of the Psalms through the night on Monday.

The agenda reads:

Monday, November 10, 2008

12:00 PM Registration begins
1:00 PM Workshops (to be announced)
3:00 PM Choir rehearsal
4:30 PM Vespers
5:30 PM Dinner (on own)

7:30 PM 1st Plenary: Reflecting on the Past
Opening Moleben
Appointments, Credentials, Ground Rules
Introduction by Archbishop DIMITRI
Town Hall Forum moderated by Bishop NIKON

10:00 PM Matins with Meditation and Act of Repentance, followed by Psalm readings through the night. Confessions will be heard after Matins.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[Veterans/Remembrance Day]

7:00 AM Divine Liturgy w/ Litiya for departed for Veterans/Remembrance Day
9:15 AM Continental Breakfast
10:30 AM 2nd Plenary: Reflecting on the Past
SIC Forum 1:

SIC Report, moderated by Bishop BENJAMIN
12:00 PM Lunch Forums (bag lunches available) (to be announced)
2:00 PM 3rd Plenary: The Needs of Today
Scripture Reading/Reflection
SIC Forum 2:

SIC Recommendations, moderated by Bishop BENJAMIN
5:00 PM Vespers
7:30 PM 4th Plenary: The Needs of Today
Scripture Reading/Reflection
Reflection on Church Life, ministry and administration: Panel discussion with OCA chancery administrative team

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

7:00 AM Divine Liturgy
9:15 AM Continental Breakfast
10:30 AM 5th Plenary: The Needs of Today
Scripture Reading/Reflection
Election of Metropolitan

1:30 PM Lunch (on own)
3:00 PM 6th Plenary: Financing the Future
Scripture Reading/Reflection
Financial Forum moderated by Treasurer
2007 Financial Statement
2008 Year to-date
2009 budget
Pension Report
5:00 PM Vespers
7:30 PM Dinner with Guest Speaker

Thursday, November 13, 2008

7:00 AM Divine Liturgy
9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
10:45 AM 7th Plenary: Go Forth
Scripture Reading/Reflection
Comments by new Metropolitan
New Business
2:00 PM Approximate conclusion (Closing Moleben, installation of those newly-elected at 7th Plenary.)

Note: This proposed agenda is subject to approval at the first plenary session of the All-American Council and to further revision.

The agenda is required, by Statute, to be published and distributed at least 60 days before the Council. The current agenda, even though it is only in outline form, with many unexplained features may be seen as an attempt to fulfill the spirit of that mandate, if not the letter.

- Mark Stokoe






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