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• The Lesser Synod will meet on Bright Thursday, April 27th in Syosset. The Lesser Synod is composed of Metropolitan Herman, Bishop Seraphim of Ottawa (Secretary of the Synod), Archbishop Kyrill of Pittsburgh, Archbishop Job of
Chicago & Bishop Tikhon of Philadelphia.

• The OCA has announced to its employees that it will fail to meet its payroll this week. Employees at Syosset were given a note on Wednesday, April 12, explaining that paychecks would be late.

• Fr. Thomas Soroka has announced the closing of the OCA-Clergy list, a private forum composed mainly of OCA priests, as of Thursday, April 13th. Soroka noted that when the list was started on June 6, 1998, the “... OCA-Clergy forum was the first of its kind, using technology to bring clergy from the entire OCA together in a unique electronic forum and format....“

• At the conclusion of a recent letter to his Diocese, dated April 2nd, and posted on the internet by the Bishop on Saturday, April 15th, Bishop Tikhon of the West mentioned his retirement, again, this time specifying a date. The Bishop wrote: “I now intend, God willing, to retire soon after November, 2007, when I reach age 75. Right now some re-evaluations and reorganizings in my life must take place.”

• Barring any dramatic events during Holy or Bright Weeks, OCAnews will not be posting articles or reader's comments on a regular basis during the holy days. We will resume regular publication on Bright Friday, April 28th.

We wish everyone a blessed Holy Week,
and a joyful celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection.








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