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4.30.07 Kondratick TriaL Update
Archbishop Removes Himself as “Accuser”

Archbishop Job, Chairman of the Special Investigative Commission, has removed himself as the “Accuser” in the forthcoming ecclesiastical trial of Fr. Robert Kondratick. The Archbishop informed an unhappy Syosset last week. No replacement has been announced.

The Archbishop’s surprise withdrawal came after meetings with priests in two Midwest deaneries, the Columbus and Minneapolis, where the assembled clergy were near-unanimous in their conviction that the Archbishop’s acceptance of the position at the request of Metropolitan Herman had been a mistake. The clergy felt that the Archbishop, should he be the formal “Accuser” in the trial would then be have to recuse himself from the almost inevitable appeal to the Synod of Bishops that would follow, lest any apparent conflict of interest be seen to damage the fairness of any verdict. In short, there are at most only nine diocesan bishops that could compose the Synodal appeals court (and given age and health concerns, perhaps fewer) while many other clergy could serve as the formal “Accuser”. The Archbishop heard these arguments from his priests, as well as from many others, and agreed withdrawal was the best course.

In other trial news, Syosset has still made no announcement that the “Summons”, the formal letter outlining to Fr. Kondratick the specifics of the trial (including all charges, the date and the location of the trial) has been sent. In the meantime, Fr. Kondratick’s photo, and listing in the OCA clergy pages of the OCA website, have been removed. This had become standard practice for a suspended priest under the Kondratick administration.

In other news from Syosset, the long anticipated staff reorganization is underway. Photos and names of John Mindala and David Lucs, Syosset staffers for Communications and Graphic Design, and Communications and Annual Appeals respectively, were also removed Friday April 27th from the Administration Page of the OCA website, confirming reports the two have been “reorganized”. According to sources close to Syosset, both were told to clean out their desks on Friday, and escorted from the building. Fr. Steven Strikis is no longer listed as “Comptroller”, but remains on staff, now listed under “Special Projects”. No replacements, if any, for the three have been announced.

-Mark Stokoe



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