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Archdiocese of Canada Joins Calls

for 2007 All-American Council

The 15 member Council of the Archdiocese of Canada, meeting in Montreal on November 4, 2006 has adopted the following resolution which has been sent to the Synod of Bishops and Metropolitan Council. It reads:

“We in the OCA have become accustomed to the predictable scheduling of All-American Councils. This in itself is not bad, but it does obscure the original intention of councils. The patristic mind of the Church in the past looked at councils as extraordinary events called in response to a crisis. They gave the Church the opportunity to gather, fast, pray, debate and seek together God’s direction in hope that out of turmoil and confusion God could bring resolution and healing.

We are now going through such a crisis and need to recover the patristic approach to calling a Council. We cannot wait longer.

The Council of the Archdiocese of Canada therefore urges the Metropolitan Council and the Holy Synod meeting jointly in December, to seriously consider the possibility and the ways and means for calling an extraordinary and simplified All-American Council in 2007 with the simple purpose of addressing the OCA crisis.”

Canada’s decision now brings to five the number of OCA Dioceses who have officially spoken out on the crisis in the past six weeks urging change (Midwest, Western Pa, Albanian Archdiocese, New England, Canada); and to three the number who have specifically requested an All-American Council be held sooner rather than later.

-Mark Stokoe







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