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In the Wake of Chicago,

Changes In DC

The following memo was released yesterday by the Parish Council in the words of an accompanying note " address recent developments affecting St Nicholas Cathedral" in Washington DC:


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is Risen!

Decisions made by the Holy Synod, 2-3 May 2011, have a direct impact on St. Nicholas Cathedral. This correspondence is to inform you of what transpired at the Synod.

In the spirit of obedience, Father Fester accepted the decision of His Beatitude to be removed as Dean of St. Nicholas Cathedral. His Beatitude accepted the determination of the Holy Synod. Fr. Joseph will be staying in the annex for the next several weeks until he determines his next steps.

To move forward, the Cathedral must rally together to make the best of this situation. We realize we need to work with the Metropolitan and the Parish in finding an appropriate Dean. The Parish Council will act to ensure that the selection process is transparent, deliberate, and not done in haste.

As we do not have the leadership for the fundraising activities associated with the acquisition of the Butinelli properties, the Metropolitan, with the advice of clergy, decided to postpone the Special Parish Meeting scheduled for May 15 to a later date. Details will be forthcoming.

The Monastery of the Entrance of the Theotokos was asked, and agreed to vacate the St. Nicholas Rectory by 31 May 2011. They will return to their home monastery in Greece .

What is the best the parishioners can do at this point? Let us pray for the best for Father Fester and his family, for His Beatitude, and for the nuns. Let us come together in peace and unity as St. Nicholas Cathedral.

--The Parish Council of St. Nicholas Cathedral "

-Mark Stokoe



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