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The Synod will conduct a phone conference scheduled for 3 PM this afternoon to determine if the 15th All-American Council should be held as planned, or postponed; and if held, will include on its agenda an election for a new Metropolitan of the OCA, or not.

Earlier today, Bishop Tikhon of Eastern Pennsylvania

(and locum tenens of Western Pennsylvania) sent the following to his priests asking their opinion:

"To the Clergy of the Diocese of Western Pennsylvania,

Dear Fathers,

Christ is in our midst!

As you know, much has transpired in the life of our OCA in the past week, all of which can be followed and accessed on oca.org. As the locum tenens of this diocese, I would like you to know that I intend to comment more directly on all these events in the near future, in order to address their impact on our Diocese. Nevertheless, at this point, I would ask you to inform your faithful concerning the actions and decisions of the last week and to guide them through this period of transition with love and with prayer.

I also ask for your prayers for the Holy Synod of Bishops at this ti me, espe tri, the locum tenens, and for Archbishop Seraphim, the Administrator. There are many issues that the Holy Synod needs to consider at this point, one of which is the upcoming All American Council and in particular, the possibility of electing a new Metropolitan at that Council.

My email to you today is to ask for your thoughts on this particular matter of the timing for the election of a new Metropolitan. I would ask each of you to respond to this email with your own personal thoughts and/or a sense of what your parish may feel needs to be done at this point: either to proceed with an election at this AAC or to postpone it until a later date.

Obviously, the final decision will be made by the Holy Synod, with prayer and discernment, but part of this process of discernment is to hear from our clergy and faithful, so I would welcome your reflections and thoughts on this matter, so that I can more confidently express to the Holy Synod the thought s of my ng a conference call on Thursday in the afternoon, so I would appreciate your response sometime before then.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

+Bishop TIKHON"

Meanwhile, in Canada, Archbishop Seraphim offered this reply to internet critics in the parish Bulletin of his Annunciation Cathedral in Ottawa:

"From: Archbishop Seraphim
To: Authors of the following

The following commentaries were published on an internet web-site, and forwarded to me. I am responding in this way, because the originals are very public documents, accessible to all. I appreciate the candour with which the comments were written, and I am paying attention. I must say that were I to have addressed the events of the past week verbally, an already apparently objectionally long series of services would have been prolonged by at least a half an hour. Further, anonymity in this manner makes it more difficult for me to comprehend how many of the faithful in the Cathedral congregation are represented by such comments. I would therefore appreciate it very much if people would be direct, and honest withme instead of just being 'nice Canadians'. Indeed, such anonymity lacks the honesty being asked of me.

With love in Christ,
the unworthy+Seraphim"

While in Dallas, announcement was made of the date of the consecration and installation of Archimandrite Jonah ( Paffhausen) as the new Bishop of Fr. Worth and vicar of the South:

"His Eminence, Archbishop Dmitri communicated with his chancery office this evening (September 4th) to announce that Bishop-elect Jonah will be consecrated to the episcopacy here on Saturday, November 1.

His Eminence further announced that His Eminence, Archbishop Job and His Grace Bishop Benjamin will participate in the consecration."

A complete schedule of events is available on the diocesan website here.

OCANews.org will publish Synod's decision concerning  the 15th All-American Council as soon as it is made known.

- Mark Stokoe



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