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Editorial: A Welcome Change
It has been the custom of OCA News to publish reflections by clergy and lay men and women on this site without comment. We break this custom today, in order to encourage everyone who reads this site to read the new reflection by Protodeacon Peter Danilchick, posted earlier today.
In his piece Protodeacon Peter, one of the current adminstration’s advisors, specifically asks readers of this site for their opinions about “Best Practices”. “....The people who will be involved in implementing these new processes,“ Danilchick writes, “the Holy Synod of Bishops, the Metropolitan Council, the Administration, the Best Practices team, need to know what you think about these processes. We all need to take some serious time to read the documents and to specifically state our approval of, or take exception to, any or all of the recommendations. This website would be one way of expressing your input; direct e-mail communication is another.”
This is a welcome change, indeed.
More importantly, Danilchick writes: “... the Best Practices document represents only a starting point to guide the present and future administration of the church.”
This is welcome news as well.
He continues: “As this website shows, there are many people who are concerned with the financial issues confronting the OCA. The Best Practices document and the processes therein are intended to positively address these financial issues, as far as the present and future is concerned. However, there have been very few constructive comments or specific questions received from individuals on the content of this particular document. On the other hand, we have read misleading statements, accusing innuendos, and inappropriate and degrading remarks made by a few readers about the volunteers who are helping in this effort. This is a shame and can result in decreased motivation and even questioning “why did I become involved?” (Of course, the answer to this question is “love of the Church” and nothing else.) To remedy this shameful situation, I feel that it would be appropriate for the readers of this website to express support for the work of the volunteers.”
Let us take the Protodeacon at his word; even if one does not share all his opinions.
Dioceses, deaneries, parishes, & monasteries; bishops, priests, deacons, lay men & women; sisterhoods, brotherhoods, fellowships & fraternal organizations: this is an invitation for everyone who cares about the OCA, to express your concerns, individually and corporately, about the mess we are in, and what is needed to move us forward out of it. As the Protodeacon suggests, you may write about Best Practices; or use it “as a starting point”. Express your support for the current volunteers, administration and program; or take exception to any and all. The important thing is that you now let your voice(s) be heard - the Protodeacon says someone is listening.
A cynic might suggest that having opened the door a crack, now is the time to wedge your foot in it, lest it swing back and close again. But now is not the time for cynicism; it is the time for action. The closest thing to an official invitation to speak out has been given; for even the most deferential, there is now no reason to remain silent.
We are all in this together, and we will need all our wisdom to see our way out, together.



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