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The Synod of Bishops of the OCA will hold an extraordinary meeting on March 27th to address the crisis in Alaska. It is the second special session of the Synod to be held within four months. The previous special meeting, held December 12-13, 2007, confirmed the deposition from the priesthood of former OCA Chancellor Robert Kondratick. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Synod is in May.

Bishop Nikolai has been invited to attend this meeting, although he is officially on a mandatory leave of absence. At this time it is not known if Bishop Nikolai of Alaska will attend this meeting. +Nikolai refused to attend the last synodal meeting held in Lent, citing canonical reasons.

In related news, Fr. Alexander Garklavs, OCA Chancellor and newly appointed Administrator of the Diocese of Alaska, arrived in Anchorage early Tuesday morning. As the meeting of Synod had not been finalized before his Monday departure, it is not now known how long Fr. Alexander plans to stay in the Diocese.

Bishop Nikolai, meanwhile, continued to post items on the diocesan website seeking to bolster his case for refusing to recognize being placed on a mandatory leave of absence on March 5th, following his refusal to take one voluntarily. The leave of absence was requeted, and then ordered, so that a full investigation into allegations against the Bishop and his Chancellor could take place.

   Among the 20 documents posted by the Bishop were materials ranging from emails, photos of envelopes to letters, in addition to videos of his recent press conference. (Read/View them here). The Bishop's latest efforts, as well of his supporters, are discussed in a story in today's Kodiak Daily Mirror. (Read that story here)

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