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At New Indy Town Hall, +Job Reveals New Details of +Herman's Resignation, St. Tikhon's Investigation

At a "Town Hall" style meeting held at St. John the Forerunner Church in Indianapolis on Wednesday evening, October 29th, Archbishop Job shared fresh details regarding the resignation of Metropolitan Herman, the current investigation into St. Tikhon's finances, and his thoughts regarding the forthcoming All-American Council.  Approximately 70 people were present for the two hour meeting, among them 7 priests, representing several parishes in the Columbus deanery. The meeting was held at the suggestion of the Dean, Fr. Joseph Gibson, who felt that the recent diocesan assembly had not allowed enough time to discuss what should take place at the forthcoming All-American Council. The Archbishop then agreed to hold this meeting to facilitate that discussion, and to answer questions from the floor.

According to notes the notes of Fr. Ted Bobosh of Dayton, Ohio, published on his blog yesterday, the Archbishop answered that he:

• " ... does not feel any candidate will get the 2/3 vote vote on the first ballot at the ANAC.   So he believes the choice will fall upon the Synod of bishops."

• "... does not believe he will be chosen by the Synod as he feels the other bishops are not pleased with him.   +Job is totally opposed to +Hilarion of Vienna  being elected as he does not think a Russian bishop can help our bishops to work together.   It will introduce a new problem into the Synod - not a solution."

•".... the proposed statute change to elect a metropolitan by drawing names from a chalice rather than by voting even if adopted at this ANAC would not take effect this year.  +Job opposes this statute change."

• "... that Metropolitan Herman did not resign for health reasons even though that has been suggested as the reason.  He said the scenario was the other bishops agreed he had to resign - +Dmitri as the senior bishop was given the task of conveying this message to Metropolitan  Herman. +Dmitri asked Herman to accept the decision of the other bishops.  Metropolitan Herman acquiesced. "

The Archbishop was then:

• "...asked if he thought stealing millions of dollars was grounds for deposing a bishop.  He said yes.  He was asked why then has Metropolitan Theodosius not been deposed?   +Job said he (Theodosius) is already retired and no longer doing damage to the OCA. He felt it was wrong to totally disgrace him over the money issue after 25 years of primacy in service to the church." 

• "...adamant that he will retire in 2 years..."

Finally, the Archbishop revealed that:

• "Though several dioceses have adopted resolutions calling for assessment and budget reductions for the OCA, the synod as a body has not discussed these looming issues." 

• "Though St. Tikhon’s Monastery is supposed to have a 5 member board of trustees made up of monks, apparently Metropolitan Herman some years ago re-formed it as a Limited Liability Company with himself as president and his deacon (Alexei Klimatchev) as treasurer.   The Metropolitan then appointed himself the executor of the monastery and engaged in financial dealings in this capacity.  The investigation into these actions continues."

You can read Fr. Bobosh's comments in full here.

- Mark Stokoe


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