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The Archbishop's Letter

"August 14,2007
Prophet Micah
No. 158

Very Rev. Paul Kucynda, Acting Treasurer
PO Box 675
Syosset, NY 11791

Dear Father Paul,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

On 26 June2007 the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of the Midwest, meeting in Chicago, Illinois, passed an amended version of the "Palatine Resolution" of October
2006, which included the following:

"The August 2007, assessment payment of the Central

Church will be remitted after the release to all Church

members of all reports of the special linvestigation

commission and when the commission renews its unhindered investigation as directed by the Metropolitan

Please be advised that since this condition has not been

met the Diocese of the Midwest is, beginning this month, withholding assessments to the Central Church Administrationand placing these funds in escrow.

Archbishop of Chicago and the Midwest"


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