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Kondratick Trial Begins

Although no public announcement has been made, the trial of Fr. Kondratick began today in Syosset. Archbishop Nathaniel was presiding, Dr. Faith Skordinski served as the Accuser, with Alex Makoksy, counsel to the Special Commission, leading the prosecution.

On the defense side, Fr. Kondratick will be present, as will his attorney, Mr. Harry Kutner Jr., and the monk James Silver as an advisor. According to Silver, Syosset objected to his presence, but he will present.

Fr. Kondratick and his supporters have consistently decried the proceedings as a "kangaroo court" in letters to the Metropolitan, the Accuser and on the internet They have challenged the proceedings at every step of the way - on technical grounds (such as arguing that the OCA Statute requires a preliminary hearing), citing conflicts of interest (such as three of the judges "being dependent on the good favor of Metropolitan Herman to keep their positions") and outright threats. In the negative phrasing reminiscent of the former Bishop of the West, Tikhon, (where one does the very thing one claims to be opposing) one Kondratick supporter claimed: "It is indeed inappropriate to threaten in any way the judges whom MH proposed to hear the trumped-up charges which he and Dr Faith Skordinski (who, per the canons, will be excommunicated if even one of those accusations is proved false in a spiritual court) have brought against FrRK."

In a final gambit late this past week, supporters of Fr. Kondratick have warned that "there is more to this story than is now known" and that Fr. Kondratick will reveal "everything" about "everybody" if the trial is allowed to proceed. That tactic failed as well.

It is not known how long the trial will take, although some observers have suggested it will be over in one day.

In other OCA News, the Metropolitan Council will meet tomorrow in Syosset. (Read more here) The two day meeting, the first since the Metropolitan Herman suspended the Special Commission reaffirmed by the Metropolitan Council and confirmed by the Holy Synod at their last meetings in March, promises to be eventful. No agenda has been publicly announced by Syosset, but the meeting will discuss finances,"Best Practices", make recommendations on the open appointments at Syosset, and discuss the next All-American Council.

- Mark Stokoe


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