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Synod, Metropolitan Council

Meet Oct. 16-18, 2007

The Synod of Bishops and the Metropolitan Council of the Orthodox Church in America are meeting today, Tuesday, October 16 through Thursday, October 18, 2007. According to a brief notice posted on OCA.org last evening:

"Both bodies will meet separately on Tuesday. On Wednesday they will meet for a joint session, and the Holy Synod's meetings will close on Thursday."

On Tuesday, the Synod of Bishops hears the appeal of former Chancellor, Robert S. Kondratick, who was recently deposed from the Priesthood.

The Metropolitan Council, meanwhile, will discuss the upcoming All-American Council in 2008. Work will also begin on the OCA's 2008 operating budget, among other items.

According to the OCA release, a key item at the joint Synod/Metropolitan Council meeting on Wednesday "...will be a discussion about the progress and remaining work of the Special Investigative Committee appointed to examine financial mismanagement at the Chancery." The discussion is sure to be heated, given the controversial decision to reconstitute the Special Investigative Committee (SIC), its proposed membership, as well as its ever more reduced charge as opposed to what the Metropolitan Council had already unanimously agreed to. (Read the OCA release in full here.)

OCANews.org will post decisions of the Council and Synod as soon as they become available.

-Mark Stokoe



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