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A Letter to Metropolitan Philip
by Michael Masterson, Campbell CA

Christ is Risen!

Most Reverend Master, I treasure your blessing and prayers in this Paschal season.

I am writing you about unity in Christ and my heart’s desire for it.

I understand that a recent decision was made that effectively put “Self Rule” for our Archdiocese to question in the minds of some. Details matter little; the appearance of power plays by our hierarchs is disheartening because we, rather, need leadership in unity.

This small controversy follows serious trials in other American jurisdictions at a time when we American Orthodox faithful should seek unity. Our continued division on this soil, I think, is the biggest scandal of all – it belies the Gospel. To my naïve heart it seems our Savior may graciously afford us these trials to give us repentance.

I pray you will lead us in this precious time by laying down all your powers at His holy feet, helping us also to follow and find that unity only Christ’s grace brings. We must seek at the source and lay aside all other treasures for it.

Scandals impede us. So I beg you to follow the OCA by casting light upon our finances too. There is no reason to cover our dealings from the eyes of independent auditors each and every year. Unity will demand this of us. I sometimes wonder if we are serious enough.

Please do not allow anything to stand in the way! Please lead us by emptying our Archdiocese of all personal powers but Christ’s, all isolated decisions and hidden stewardships. Please I pray, lead us in light to unity.

You have my respect, love and unworthy prayers,

Michael Masterson
-unworthy member of St. Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church, Campbell CA




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