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A Clarification from David Najjar

Since the posting of my reflection, I have received documentation, previously unavailable, that clarifies some matters with regard to Fawaz El-Khoury.  I, like many people concerned with what was happening with the Archdiocese, read reports available on the internet that linked Mr. El-Khoury to an action directed by the Attorney General of Connecticut.  Some of these reports indicated that his conduct, or that of his company, was guilty of felonious conduct.  The documentation I have been given would indicate that is not true.  Without getting into the legal minutia, that proceeding was entirely civil, and there were no criminal allegations against Mr. El-Khoury or any other defendant in that case.  Having been given this documentation, I thought it was important to mention this point.
The point in my letter, however, was not to report on anything new with regard to any particular individual, or any particular issue facing the Archdiocese.  These issues have been raised before.  My point was to emphasize that there are a great many issues facing the Archdiocese, including the reports of bad behavior on the part of Board of Trustee members and representatives of the Archdiocese which are disturbing and scandalous.  It was these reports I was concerned with.  As I state in my letter, any one of the issues can cause the faith of some people to be shaken.  These issues taken together, coupled with the lack of an Archdiocese response as to the merits of the claims, could present for some, insurmountable challenges to their faith.
The larger point of my letter, and the primary purpose in submitting the letter as a reflection on this site, was to provide an example for others to pray for the lay and clergy leadership in our Archdiocese, to write respectful letters of their own, or otherwise communicate to our leaders the need for accountability, transparency and open and honest dialogue.  I acknowledge that reasonable people may disagree or take issue with some of the requests for action I make in my letter.  This is fair.  We should be able to sit down with one another in a conciliar fashion to discuss the issues facing our Church, and, with the Holy Spirit guiding us, come to resolutions which build up the Body of Christ.




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