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10.28.06 Latest News


Calling the Crisis "Intolerable",

New England Joins Chorus Urging Change

The Diocese of New England, meeting in Maynard MA Friday and Saturday October 27-28, adopted the following resolution: It reads:

Statement of the Diocese of New England

We the Diocese of New England are deeply saddened and concerned by the scandal affecting our Church. We acknowledge that such financial scandal and attendant leadership crisis are intolerable. In addition, we believe that significant legal risks to the Church, including this Diocese, will result from continued failure to take decisive action.

To remedy the situation, we urge the immediate compliance with the Statutes of the OCA and all applicable Federal and State laws and full fiscal transparency and compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting principles and rules of corporate and fiduciary behavior.

We further urge expeditious action by the Metropolitan Council to resolve the crisis and protect Church assets. Absent such action, we resolve that the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of New England, subject to the consent of its Bishop, acting at its next Special or regular meeting, act to consider all appropriate remedies required to protect Church assets, including the placing in Escrow of all assessments pending satisfactory resolution of the matter.

Finally, we urge any and all appropriate parallel and/or supplementary action by the Holy Synod, all in order to protect the property, spiritual values and good name of our Church in this time of crisis, and urge the full and complete cooperation of the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council in resolving these matters.

In a related decision, the Assembly elected Deacon John Zarras of Southbury, Connecticut as the lay delegate to the Metropolitan Council. Dn. Zarras is a retired corporate executive and currently serves on the Administrative Reorganization committee, a sub-committee of the Metropolitan Council appointed by Metropolitan Herman charged with reorganizing and restructuring Syosset.

New England's decision brings to four the number of OCA Dioceses who have officially spoken out on the crisis, urging change. (Midwest, Western Pa, Albanian Archdiocese, New England) An additional diocese

(West) was requested by its ruling hierarch, Bishop Tikhon, not to speak to the issue; while one diocese (South) has been ordered by its Bishop (Dmitri) not to. Two additional diocesan assemblies, Eastern PA and New York-Washington, are scheduled before the joint Holy Synod- Metropolitan Council meeting, tentatively scheduled for December 12-13 in New York.

-Mark Stokoe








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