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•Dushkin Suspended

In an announcement posted today, February 5, 2008, Syosset announced that Bishop Nikolai of Alaska had suspended Reader Terenty Dushkin, a convicted sex offender, some two weeks ago, on January 17th, 2008. Dushkin, whose tonsuring as a Reader on December 9, 2007, had caused an uproar throughout the OCA, was suspended from “any and all ministerial duties in any parish of the OCA” in “accordance with the canons”. No further information was given.

• Metropolitan Theodosius Ill

In an announcement posted yesterday, February 4th, 2008, Syosset announced that the former Primate of the OCA, Metropolitan Theodosius had “been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. The exact nature of the situation is yet to be determined.” In fact, the former Metropolitan had publicly announced over the weekend during a parish visit that he was suffering from a brain tumor, and that it was not yet known whether it was operable or not. The former Metropolitan, whose role in the diversion of ADM grant money into secret discretionary accounts from 1995-1999 has yet to be explained, and his role, if any, in the financial misdeeds of Robert Kondratick during the years Kondratick served as his chancellor (1988-2002), has not spoken publicly on the scandal. The Special Commission was not allowed to interview the former Metropolitan; or indeed, any witnesses. The new Special Investigative Commission has begun interviewing some witnesses, but has yet to interview the former Metropolitan.

• Bishop Nikolai To Pursue Charges

Against Archbishop Job

Sources close to Syosset have stated that Metropolitan Herman has been informed that the Bishop of Alaska intends to pursue formal action against Archbishop Job at the May meeting of the Synod of Bishops. The charges were originally brought by Bishop Nikolai at the December meeting of the Synod. At that meeting the Bishop of Alaska accused the Archbishop of Chicago, among other things, of “interfering in the affairs of another diocese” in the matter of the allegations against Archimandrite Isidore (Brittain). (Read that story here) In return for an apology from the Archbishop to the Bishop of Alaska, formal charges were not pressed at that time.

The Bishop of Alaska will need two co-sponsors for his action to proceed to trial.

- Mark Stokoe































































































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