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(Updated 3:30 EDST)

• Syosset NY

At the Metropolitan Council yesterday, Metropolitan Herman refused to allow the new clergy delegate from Alaska, Fr. Michael Oleksa, to be seated at the meeting, or to speak to the Council, thereby repudiating the choice of the Alaskan clergy and the decision of the interim Diocesan Administrator he himself appointed.

Fr. Alexander Rentel, Assistant Professor of Canon Law and Byzantine Studies at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, resigned as the canonical advisor to the Synod following the most recent Synod meeting last Thursday.

Mr. James Perry, Esq., who had been called back by the Metropolitan following the conclusion of the Kondratick trial to advise on legal issues, resigned as well following the most recent Synod meeting.

Fr. Zaccheaus (Wood) has returned to Moscow without being interviewed by the Special Investigative Committee. The Archimandrite, and both Metropolitans Herman and Theodosius were to have been interviewed this past week.

Finally, the OCA has posted the Metropolitan's opening address to the Metropolitan Council.  In the speech the Metropolitan informed the Council that the finances of the OCA "will not be easy to hear", and that Treasurer, Fr. Michael Tassos will be returning to California. He hopes to be able to continue his work by devolving tasks to staff in Syosset.

In referring to the OCA scandal the Metropolitan continued his theme that the Church must "move on". He writes: "We must learn from the past, and there are valuable lessons to learn from the events of recent years about accountability, transparency and servant leadership. However, learning from the past, we must not live in it. A good pastor would thus encourage a parishioner who had experienced a traumatic moment in his or her life. This must also be the advice that we follow as a Church." (Read the full address here)

• Anchorage AK

In an interview with KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Bishop Nikolai said “Christ was crucified on the cross. They thought that was the end of him. It wasn’t.” The Bishop continued: “I felt very much like Christ, going to the cross and being abandoned and pushed aside and no one there for him.” Stating that it was all a “communications problem” the Bishop stated: “Everybody makes a mistake and everybody can come back.” (Read the entire interview here)

•Kodiak AK 

Archbishop Nathaniel and Bishop Tikhon are now scheduled to arrive in Kodiak to begin their "inquiries" into the crisis in Alaska on Friday, April 4th. Following interviews at the Seminary and Kodiak Cathedral, the Bishops will return to Anchorage to continue their journey through the state.

• Ansonia CT

Honoring a request by the Bishop and his Chancellor to review their recent decision to withhold assessments, the parish council of Three Saints Church in Ansonia, CT, met last night. Expressing their “pain”, “sorrow” , “disbelief” and “shock” over events in the OCA, the Council voted unanimously to continue withholding, and encouraged Bishop Nikon, once again, to speak out.


























































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