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News From Around the OCA

•Syosset NY

The Synod of the Bishops of the OCA will meet for a two day session to discuss current events in the OCA in Syosset during the last week of June.

The scheduled re-launch of the OCA website,, has been delayed until the end of the month as well.

• Dallas TX

The Episcopal Search Committee of Diocese of South (DOS) has posted the process by which the next Bishop of the South will be nominated. You can read it in full here.

In brief, people may nominate potential candidates to their Deans until July 31, 2011. Candidates will be vetted no later than September 15, 2011. After written and verbal interviews, the Deans, led by Bishop Nikon, hope to identify at least one, but perhaps as many as three, final candidates by the time the Episcopal Search Committee meets in Seattle, WA, on October 31, 2011. (The Episcopal Search Committee is composed of the DOS Diocesan Council which includes the DOS Chancellor and Deans and a representative from each deanery, the DOS Treasurer, and the DOS Metropolitan Council members.) Depending on the number of candidates, the Episcopal Search Committee will then begin arranging visits for the candidates to the various deaneries and some selected churches throughout the DOS to offer retreats with the clergy, meet the faithful, serve the divine liturgy and preach in the parishes and missions of the DOS. As has been the case in the other recent diocesan searches, these events will be recorded to make them available to the DOS as a whole on The posting concludes: ” A special assembly may be called as early as February of next year at the time of the usual DOS Clergy Conference (but no later than July) to put forward the candidate(s) to the assembly for nomination and submission to the Holy Synod.

To date information has been received from five potential candidates.

• Toledo OH

The Episcopal Search process in the Bulgarian Diocese continues to proceed apace towards a July 9th scheduled election in Toledo, OH. The two candidates, Archimandrite Alexander Golitysn and Archpriest Paul Gassios, are touring the country this month, participating in Town Halls at various OCA Bulgarian parishes. Fr. Golitsyn is visiting parishes in Indiana, California, and Ohio, June 11-26; while Fr. Gassios visits parishes in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio from June 5-23rd. Each candidate may be seen in half-hour video interview that have been posted online here and here.

• Ottawa, Canada

A second clergy member of the Synodal Commission investigating the OCA’s response and handling of the Archbishop Seraphim case has offered his resignation. Fr. Mironne Klysh has joined Fr. Richard Hawrish in asking to step down from the Commission. Fr. Klysh is reportedly displeased at the slow pace of the Commission’s work, which after almost eight months, has yet to conduct interviews. Neither resignation has been accepted by the Synod.

The Synodal Commission was created in October 2010 by the Synod of Bishops to conduct an internal investigation following allegations concerning Archbishop Seraphim. Its members include Bishop Tikhon, Bishop Melchisedek, Archpriest Richard Hawrish, Protopresbyter Mironne Klysh, Dr. Lila Amirali, Dr. Thomas Kolivakis, and Mr. David Grier. At the conclusion of its investigation and review, the Synodal Commission was to “ its findings and recommendations to the Synod of Bishops and, through them, the Archdiocese of Canada and the Church at large.”

• Washington DC

The monastic community of the Entrance of the Holy Theotokos in the Temple moved from the rectory of the OCA’s St. Nicholas Cathedral in DCon Saturday June 11, to new quarters in the old parish house next to ROCOR’s St. John the Baptist Cathedral in the same city. The nuns, who technically remain part of the Church of Greece, originally came to DC at the request of Metropolitan Jonah, but have been subsequently asked to leave the cathedral’s facilities by the Metropolitan, at the direction of the Synod.

Update: has been informed the nuns moved not to the ROCOR parish house as previously announced, but to another home in Maryland.



-Mark Stokoe


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