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• Syosset, NY
A“final” report of the St. Tikhon’s Special Investigation Committee is being drafted. No timetable for its release was announced.

• Nassau County, LI
Speculation has recently appeared on the Orthodox Forum and other internet sites concerning renewed court activities surrounding the Kondratick vs. OCA lawsuits. According to public filings in the Nassau County courts there are no new lawsuits, rather, the activities are related to a change of judge. There is no indication of an impending trial.

• Syosset, NY
The Lesser Synod of the OCA met this past week in Syosset with a full agenda, including a meeting with the Metropolitan Council’s Strategic Planning Committee to discuss the the draft outline of the Strategic Plan, and a discussion on the proposals for electing bishops that have been under review for several months. (Bishop Benjamin recently stated in Kodiak that the procedures for episcopal selection and election will be revised, as “bishops elect bishops”. ) A brief press release from the Lesser Synod described their meeting with the Strategic Planning Committee. (Read that release here.)

• Las Vega, NV
In a recent communication to supporters, the former Bishop of Alaska, Nikolai ( Soraich) spoke of his illness, laying to rest rumours that his cancer has spread. +Nikolai writes:

The PSA is undetectable and the rest is right where it needs to be. My appointments with the oncologist and radiologist last Monday were also very positive. I received the third injection on Monday and will continue with this for three more years every three months. This time I had the least amount of side effects so far. There is still a caution after radiation for a month where the side effects may manifest themselves or new ones may set in permanently. I am doing a lot of homeopathic since my diagnosis and am so grateful for those of my spiritual children guiding this. I have given the doctors lists of what I am taking and they told me to continue with whatever I am doing because it is all working. There is much more to this but I don’t want to bore you. February 16th I have a bone density exam (BMI) and the 21st another blood draw and appointments with the radiologist and oncologist. God willing this goes well and I won’t have to see them until the end of April.”

• Chicago, IL
Archbishop JOB Memorial Trip For Project Mexico Planned for Summer 2011
In December 2009 the Midwest's Diocesan and Bishop’s Council, with the blessing of Archbishop JOB, approved a Diocesan wide trip to Project Mexico. It was to be a retirement gift for His Eminence, open youth and adults from all/most parishes in the Diocese participating together in a worthy service project. With the Archbishop’s untimely death only a few days later, plans for the trip continue -- only now as a Memorial.

The trip will take place in July 12-18 of 2011. There are spots for up to 300 missionaries. Participants must be at least 14 years of age by the time of departure, have a missionary mindset, and be ready “to do God’s work”. The goal of the trip will be to build up to 12-15 houses. In addition to the charitable/humanitarian/service contribution of this trip it will be a wonderful opportunity to develop cross-parish friendships among the faithful.

Email and telephone contact has been made with all parishes in the Midwest Diocese by Ruth Yavornitzky, coordinator and driving force for the project. She writes: “Thus far response has been astounding. With little formal communication on this we have over 100 persons who have expressed strong interest in participating,” We would like to get a $50 deposit for participants by July 2010.” For more info you can contact her at 248 852 9574 or by email . Putting “Project Mexico” in the subject line guarantees a quick response time....."




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