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OCA Releases MC Minutes, Finances, Statement on Strategic Plan

In a welcome avalanche of data, including 16 pages of Minutes from the most recent Metropolitan Council meeting in February, 70 pages of supplementary materials from that meeting including financial reports, as well as a 4 page Statement by the Secretary of the OCA on the Strategic Planning process, the OCA offered its members more important information in one day than anybody could read, let alone digest and reflect upon. The one sour note in a day of otherwise welcome evidence of real change was the long and unfortunate delay in posting the materials - almost two months. The delay was not Syosset's fault, but stems from the tradition that the Synod of Bishops wish to "approve" the Minutes of the Metropolitan Council, rather than just the decisions taken. The Synod meeting only concluded on April 2, 2009. The Minutes of that Synod meeting have not been posted, and only a few of its decisions revealed. (Read those here).

Over the holidays read the 'approved' Council Minutes here. Or the supplemental materials here. Or Fr. Tosi's notes on the Strategic Planning Process here.

"The Conciliar Structures of the Orthodox Church in America" published

Early this morning Metropolitan Jonah published more thoughts on his vision of the OCA going into the future, and how the structures of the OCA should be changed to better reflect "the essential diocesan structure of the Church". Read his important paper here.

Fr. Joseph Fester Appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of the South

As the new locum tenens of the Diocese of the South, Metropolitan Jonah has appointed Fr. Joseph Fester as the Chancellor of the Diocese. Fr. Fester, a priest at the Cathedral in Dallas had been the de facto Chancellor almost since his arrival in Dallas in 2006. The official appointment has been met with opposition, given Fr. Fester's association with the former regime in Syosset, in what the SIC Report described as Fester's membership in the "Inner Circle" as a "confidante" of Kondratick. (Read that report here.) Fester, who was the decade-long director of FOS, and the secretary to Robert Kondratick in his final two years at Syosset has consistently denied all knowledge of any wrong-doings at Syosset; even while continuing to publicly defend the now defrocked former OCA Chancellor.

• St. Vladimir's Goes "Green"

The seminary’s plans for sustainability and energy conversion is attracting major media attention. Read the story here.

- Mark Stokoe




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