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Metropolitan Philip's Letter to Fr. Oliver Herbel


August 11, 2009

Rev. Oliver Herbel

1845 16th Street S.

Fargo ND 58103-4854


To the Priest Oliver Herbel:

Greetings in the name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I write this letter with a heavy heart in that I am hurt that you continue to attack and criticize myself and the hierarchy of this archdiocese. I was very patient with you during the clergy meeting at the convention last month. I was even willing to overlook your disobedience after you repeatedly refused to yield the floor after having been given the chance to ask multiple questions over a long period of time.  Sadly, that was not enough for you.  Following the convention you continue to write critical things on the internet.  Therefore, effective immediately, we have no more place for you in this Archdiocese and your 'on-loan" status is revoked and you are returned to the omophorion of Archbishop JOB of the OCA.  Effective upon receipt of this letter, you are forbidden from serving in any Antiochian parish.


Metropolitan PHILIP

Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All North America

cc: His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH

     His Eminence, Archbishop JOB

     His Grace, Bishop MARK


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