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New Document Reveals +Phillip's

14 Points to Recent Board of Trustees Meeting


At the most recent closed meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Antiochian Archdiocese on May 29th (read about that meeting here), Metropolitan Philip (Saliba) offered a fourteen point objection to the legal Opinion offered earlier by the Archdiocese's two Chancellors. That document held the recent attempted reduction of the dioceses and diocesan bishops to auxiliary status was invalid. (Read that Opinion here.) A new document has now appeared on that details +Philip's fourteen objections, and offers a refutation of them.

The document, published anonymously, makes the claim to "have been able to piece together some exact quotes and corroborate other statements made by +Phillip" referencing, among other sources, "detailed notes of the meeting" and "personal conversations with Trustees". But it is the third source used by the writers that will raise the eyebrows: the writers claim that "...many  heard the conversation via trustees’ active cell phones." The writers do not identify those Trustee's who left their cell phones open, but reliable sources have indicated that at least one supporter of Metropolitan Philip did so. While cannot confirm the actual number of open lines, we can confirm that more than just those Board of  Trustees members present heard the presentation in its entirety.

In addition to listing the Metropolitan's fourteen objections to the Opinion, the document also offers a refutation of them, based largely in legal terms, with numerous citations to American case law and the Patriarchate's own legal documents. In addition to explaining the underlying law, the document refutes each “point” made by +Philip by reminding readers of facts that +Philip has either forgotten or chosen to ignore, and by putting statements cited by the Metropolitan into proper context.  Based largely on "straw men" the Metropolitan's argument required no deep analysis to discredit it.

As the pivotal Synod meeting approaches on June 16th, a meeting which is widely expected to begin resolving the crisis of Archdiocese, it may be assumed that the

"Refutation" will be as widely read in the Damascus as it will be read in Peoria.

You can read the full "Refutation of Metropolitan Philip’s Fourteen Points" in pdf format here.

- Mark Stokoe



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