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OCA Romanian Bishops Participate in Pastoral Meeting of Romanian Bishops

Patriarchial Romanian websites reports on a pastoral meeting of Romanian hierarchs in Western Europe and America in Rome on November 26th that make no mention, but clearly appear to include both Archbishop Nathaniel and Bishop Irineu of the OCA, are raising eyebrows throughout Romanian America. (Read that report here.)

The pictures posted on website controlled by Bucharest

and its American jurisdiction (ROAA) clearly show both Archbishop Nathaniel and Bishop Irineu of the OCA’s Romanian Orthodox Episcopate (ROEA) present at the meeting although neither are identified. Neither the OCA nor the ROEA websites have posted notice of the event.

According to the Patriarchal Romanian website, “Romanian Orthodox hierarchs in Western Europe and America” met at the headquarters of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Italy, in Rome, on November 26th. According to Bishop Silouan, the Romanian Bishop in Italy, the purpose of the meeting was “...not only to share experiences in these pastoral areas of the world (and especially pastoral experiences of over 100 years in America or France), but to address different aspects of the mission to the Romanian Orthodox emigration in the last 20 years.” The Bishop stated this included ‘... transmission of our faith and Romanian Orthodox traditions, maintaining our identity, other aspects of our Romanian pastoral mission, and our eparchies.”

The OCA's ROEA is currently in protracted negotiations with Bucharest to discuss a merger of the Romanian-American ROEA with the Patriarchal jurisdiction in America (ROAA) to create a new Romanian Metropolis in America in union with Bucharest, apart from the OCA.


-Mark Stokoe



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