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+Seraphim Withdraws Name From Consideration


Archbishop Seraphim of Canada withdrew his name from consideration as the next Metropolitan of the OCA. In a printed statement left on the tables of the delegates without comment or explanation on the evening of the second day of the Council, the Archbishop wrote:

"To the delegates of the 15th All-American Council:

Six years ago, I was nominated as a candidate to be Metropolitan. The Lord showed His Will in that it did not happen.  I was deeply grateful to God for this then, and remain so even now.  Throughout the course of my life, I have tried to do everything or at least almost everything, out of obedience, and that includes all the responsibilities I have borne recently.  They have been given, not sought. This recent experience in particular clarified many things for me.  As the time has been approaching for this Council, my name has often been mentioned again in the same way.  In response, I have felt the same way as I did before.  There are many considerations invovled, but the two chief have been first the historic and present state of the Canadian Church, and second the fact I am a foreigner.  This latter fact is often dismissed to my face, but it is a very real factor, more than one might think.  I therefore have long been asking Canadians not to nominate me. But to make sure that I clarify matters, I am stating plainly at this time that I will not accept any such nomination.  The head of the Orthodox Church in America must be an American.  How can it be, for instance, that a non-American is the guarnator of the majority of the Chaplains in the armed forces of the USA?  This is but one of the many factors, but it is significant.  This action may seem to be subverting God's Will to some, but I am convinced otherwise, and I am resolute in this decision.  Thank you for your attention to these words, and for you loving patience in Christ.

In asking your forgiveness,

I remain, the unworthy,


Archbishopof Ottawa, and of Canada



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