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St. Andrew House Establishes Fund to defray Alaskan clergy travel costs

Group will match the first $10,000 of donations collected by Pascha

Recognizing the need caused by the tremendous cost of travel involved for our Orthodox brethren in Alaska  St. Andrew House Center for Orthodox Christian Studies hereby offers to match any and all donations, up to $10,000, made by Pascha (April 27, 2008), for the purpose of defraying flight costs for those clergy in Alaska wishing to travel from outlying areas to meet with Archbishop Nathaniel and Bishop Tikhon during their fact finding in Alaska.

We are both honored and humbled to be able to extend a helping hand in this time of need to our Orthodox brethren in Alaska, the birthplace of Orthodoxy in North America and the home of many of the saints of North America.  Please accept our humble offering to His Church.

To all of you in “the lower 48” who have asked St. Andrew House over the years how you can support our efforts  the time is now! We appeal to you to join us in this worthwhile endeavor.

To donate, please visit our website at www.orthodoxdetroit.com or send a check to:

St. Andrew House  Center for Orthodox Christian Studies
23300 Davison Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48223

Checks should be made payable to “Center for Orthodox Christian Studies  Alaska”

All funds collected will be held by St. Andrew House, and will be used to reimburse travel expenses upon the approval of Archbishop Nathaniel and/or Bishop Tikhon.

St. Andrew House is a Pan Orthodox organization dedicated to Orthodox Unity in North America.  The mission of the Center is to promote the Orthodox Christian faith by word and example, through formal instruction, worship and good works.  The Center exists to serve the Orthodox clergy and faithful of the metro Detroit area, and to be a symbol of the unity of the faith.

Dean Calvert, Treasurer
St. Andrew House  Center for Orthodox Christian Studies
23300 Davison Avenue
Detroit, MI 48223
Tel: 248 624 1222  

Email: dcalvert@netscape.com





























































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