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Special Meeting of Holy Synod Called

The Bishops of the OCA were informed on February 13 that a special meeting of the Holy Synod is being called for February 28 - March 1 in Syosset, New York. The Holy Synod had been scheduled to meet in late May.

The sudden, unexpected announcement capped a week of some confusion in the ranks of the OCA hierarchy. On February 3rd, Bishop Tikhon called for Archbishop Job's removal.  However, a fews days later, Metropolitan Herman, in response to a direct question from clergy of the NY/NJ/WA Archdiocese, stated that Archbishop Job would not be suspended.

The announcement of the new meeting was confused as well. A fax early on Monday, February 13, stated that the May meeting was being moved up to late March. That same afternoon calls were made to clarify that the May meeting was back on schedule, but that an additional, special meeting would be held at the end of February.

According to the Statute of the OCA, a special meeting of the Holy Synod may be called either by the Metropolitan, or at the request of three ruling hierarchs. Syosset has yet to announce this new meeting publicly, so it is not known who has called it, or its purpose.

If it is not in response to Bishop Tikhon's letter, informed sources suggest that the meeting may be to hear the results of the 2004 audit currently underway as part of Syosset's $2 million loan application. If approval to proceed with the loan is given by the hierarchs, it is expected the Metropolitan Council will agree to proceed with the loan through a telephone conference call shortly thereafter.
(For details on the current OCA debt and the loan, read more here)

- Mark Stokoe






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