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7.18.06 Latest News

+Tikhon: Kondratick Note

Not Included In $1.7 Million Loan

Responding to a question posed in yesterday's article, Bishop Tikhon has sent this reply, buried in the midst of a longer posting, to OCA News. The Bishop writes:

"When the members of the Administrative Committee asked when they were polled by telephone if the amount of the Promissory Note was included in the debts to be covered by the loan, they got one of the most amazing answers under the new transparent and accountable best procedures instituted by Father Paul Kucynda and Metropolitan Herman a truly lame runaround. Forget any Scriptural advice about yea and nay:

Here is Metropolitan Council member Alice Woog's question to the acting Treasurer, Archpriest Paul Kucynda:

'Does the Outstanding Invoice amount of $287,000 include the $250,000 Notarized Promissory Note that was signed on April 19, 2002 by the members of the Administrative Committee and Metropolitan Theodosius for repayment to the current occupants of the 216 Martin Drive residence for improvements and maintenance that they had done to our property?'

Here's the so accountable and transparent answer of Father Kucynda, of the Chancellor-less administration using wonderful ethical new procedures instituted by him and the Metropolitan. (This is the entire answer)

'NO. It has not been determined that any money is pursuant to this note.'

There are fourteen words between the quotation marks, I have omitted nothing."

One can only ask, therefore, who will make this determination? And on what basis? And when? Is the OCA another quarter of a million in debt – or not?

The Missing Signature

Earlier in his posting the Bishop addressed the issue of Judge Kalina's missing signature, whom the Bishop suggested had also signed the document. The Bishop writes:

"Now I have to track down that scanned Promissory Note, since, in the new Paper Port 12, which I just got, it's possible that when it was scanned for OCR and MS Word, some of the lines' margins were extended off the page (it happens in all the scanning/ocr programs sometimes). Usually I am able to catch that. Well, if it turns out that Judge Kalina's name was not on the note (did I say it was on the note or did I say it was in another document, a minute, perhaps, which referred to or authorized the note, I wonder)."

Tikhon Continues Challenging Syosset

In a second posting to OCANews yesterday, the Bishop continued his challenge to the current administration, specifically Metropolitan Herman and Fr. Paul Kucynda, and offered his own perspective on the current investigation:

"Now, that allegation that it is Father Bob who is responsible for the egregious destruction and concealment of financial records, so that auditors cannot do their work and so that no one at all can say that ANY allegation has been proven, due to this lack of records is seen for what it is. A HUGE diversion. By blaming this on him, VARIOUS Treasurers since 1999 are 'off the hook'

I think we all know who acted as, or rather WAS Treasurer during these periods.

Father Rodion S. Kondratick was NEVER the Treasurer. This does not exonerate him from anything, but it indicates to any honest and intelligent person that both His Beatitude and Father Paul Kucynda have a tremendous Conflict of Interest in this whole matter, and they should have recused themselves from this whole process of legal investigation and outside auditing FROM THE BEGINNING. It is they who should have been kept away from the offices, not Bette Kondratick, it is they who should have had their keys confiscated."

In a rather fundamental shift, the Bishop now offers his approval of the proposal, first made by Archbishop Job, that a Commission should have been established to oversee the investigation. The Bishop writes:

"The Holy Synod should have appointed a group of trusted and knowledgeable Orthodox Christians, clergy and lay, including a Bishop, to go sit in Syosset until all the investigations possible had been accomplished. I personally feel that the fact that both Metropolitan Herman and Father Paul have had totally unrestricted access which could establish their innocence or guilt relative to periods in our Church WHEN THEY WERE THE TREASURERS is shameful and egregious to the highest degree..."

(The Bishop's complete first post, including Fr. Kucynda's answer to the Metropolitan Council, may be found here under the heading "The Loan". )

-Mark Stokoe









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