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10.04.06 Latest News


Withholding Assessments,

2008 Council Dominate

Midwest Resolutions

Six different resolutions advocating withholding assessments from the Central Church Administration have been submitted for consideration at the 45th Diocesan Assembly of the OCA's largest diocese, to be held October 10-12 in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

The Columbus Deanery resolution (composed of 10 parishes in Ohio and Indiana) advocates withholding, as do resolutions from five of the nine parishes making resolutions. The parishes making resolutions to withhold represent a wide spectrum of the diocese - from old inner-city cathedrals to new missions; from suburban Cleveland to rural Wisconsin. In fact, seventeen of the nineteen proposed resolutions relate to the OCA's national crisis; only one deals solely with administration of the Diocese of the Midwest.

In addition to withholding assessments, bequests and donations to the OCA, six separate resolutions express support holding the next All-American Council in summer 2008, if not sooner, in summer 2007. Additional resolutions call for more investigations into the current scandal: one by a panel of bishops, another for a committee composed of bishops, priests and laity. Two different resolutions advocate the Metropolitan consider resignation.

Other resolutions seek reassurance for the health and integrity of the OCA Pension Plan, advocating a complete audit, Another encourages each diocese and parish to seek its own not-for-profit tax status lest the OCA lose its tax status. (This dire, but unlikely possibility, was first suggested by the Metropolitan himself in April 2006). The most recent resolution calls for a 'repudiation' and 'return' of the Honesdale Bank loan.

The key day is in the Assembly is Thursday, October 12th. In the morning the diocese will elect two representatives to the OCA Metropolitan Council, and then vote on the resolutions that afternoon. will be posting reports from the Assembly on both Wednesday and Thursday, October 11 and 12.

(You can read all the resolutions and documents for the upcoming Assembly on the Midwest Diocese's website here.)

-Mark Stokoe



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