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10.15.06 Latest News


Western PA Assembly Overwhelmingly Elects Syosset Critics to Metropolitan Council

The Diocese of Western Pennsylvania, meeting in Carnegie PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, yesterday elected well-known Syosset critics Attorney Gregory Nescott of Pittsburgh as the lay delegate to the Metropolitan Council, and the Very Rev. John Reeves of State College, PA as the clergy delegate. Fr. Reeves was elected unanimously; Mr. Nescott was elected by a vote of 29-13. Both elections must now be approved by Archbishop Kyrill, who did not attend the meeting. The Archbishop, who has been ill, was released from the hospital on Friday, and spent the day recuperating at home.
Nescott has served on the Metropolitan Council previously, and resigned in July 2005 in protest of Syosset's failure to deal with the growing financial scandal. (Read his letter to here). Reeves has contributed several reflections critical of Syosset on this website. (Read his latest here).

The election of Fr. Reeves and Mr. Nescott follows the adoption of a resolution critical of Syosset by the Diocese of the Midwest last Wednesday. (Read that story here). The Albanian Archdiocese meets in Assembly this week, October 19-21, in Farmington Hills, MI.

-Mark Stokoe






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