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Draft OCA Strategic Plan Posted

A draft copy of the OCA Strategic Plan has been posted on the website of the Archdiocese of Canada by Archbishop Seraphim. The 20 page plan is accompanied by a 30 page Power Point presentation. Both will be presented to the Archdiocesan Assembly scheduled for July 26- 30 in Victoria, British Columbia.

In posting the documents +Seraphim writes:

"Since the Strategic Plan is to be important enough in our Assembly (among the first to encounter it), I believe it only fair that we give those who will participate an opportunity to view it before they arrive. In this way, the Delegates will not see the Draft Plan for the first time at the Assembly, but they will have had time to look at the "slides" and the Plan, and to prepare questions for the Presenters on the Wednesday session(s), and, even better, suggestions for the further development of the Plan."

The presentation in Canada will be the second individual diocesan assembly at which the Plan will be discussed. The Diocese of the South will discuss the Plan on July 21st at its Assembly in Atlanta. Presentations on the Plan are then scheduled throughout the Autumn at various diocesan gatherings across the United States.

The goal of the Stategic Plan Committee is to elicit broad input from throughout the OCA in the development of the Plan, which will be formally presented to the next All-American Council to be held in November 2011 in Seattle, Washington.

You can view the Plan and Power Point Presentation on the link in the upper right hand corner of the Archdiocese of Canada's Assembly website here.


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