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The Month In Review/Update

Since our launch on January 7, 2006, one month ago, has become not only a source of news and documentation, but news itself.

In the past four weeks we have broken seven major stories concerning the ongoing financial scandal in the Orthodox Church in America:

• On January 7, OCANews made known to the OCA as a whole over 40 original documents relating to the financial scandal of the OCA from 1995 to the present, including Protodeacon Eric Wheeler's 'Call to Accountability'.

• On January 14, OCANews published for the first time documentary evidence that the problems at the OCA were recognized by the Administration itself as early as 1993.

• On January 18, OCANews published the first interview with the former Secretary of the OCA, Paul Hunchak in which he confirmed Protodeacon Wheeler's allegations of wrongdoing in Syosset.

• On January 28, OCANews published the first article about the ongoing mystery of the OCA's 9/11 Funds.

• On February 2, OCANews published the first news about the OCA's silencing of its clerical critics.

• On February 3, OCANews published the first analysis of the two year audit currently underway in Syosset, exposing it as a bank requirement more than a response to "Best Practices".

• On February 6, OCANews published the first look at the The Strategic Plan for St. Catherine's, the secret document that lies at the heart of the ADM scandal, and which discredits Syosset's decade-long excuse for silence.

All this, in addition to news and editorial coverage of the Lesser Synod's decision - including the public responses of Archbishop Job and more! We have posted numerous reflections, and shared scores of comments and questions by readers. We have just begun to develop a "What Others Are Doing" section. It has been a busy month.

Every week our readership grows dramatically. Since our launch, more than 9,000 people have visited, with daily visits now by 4,000-4,500 readers. Our coverage has been picked up by two international news organizations, Interfax and ENI, the Ecumenical News Service, and we have fielded calls from both national news services and local newspapers.

And no one has said anything we have published is untrue.

In the coming month we will continue to explore all the facets of this story as they develop, wherever they develop, however they develop. This story will continue to be told.

latest news

Update to "The Culture of Fear: Part One"

OCANews has confirmed that the Very Rev. Dmitry Grigorieff, Dean Emeritus of the OCA National Cathedral, is the fourth OCA cleric to receive a letter signed by Metropolitan Herman demanding his silence on these issues. "It is shocking", said Fr. Dmitry, who declined further comment to OCANews. (You can read the letter that prompted the silencing of Fr. Grigorieff's here)

                                            -Mark Stokoe




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