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• Chicago IL

On Friday, March 26th the OCA Diocese of the Midwest closed the nomination phase of its Episcopal
Selection process. Fr. John Zdinak, Diocesan Chancellor, reported that some 30 names had been proposed by the Synod of the OCA, clergy and laity from through the Diocese, as well as from “clergy and laity from around the country and the world”. Those proposed included those who have already been consecrated as hierarchs, clergy, monastics and laymen. After a review in light of the published requirements and guidelines, as well as additional material, a final selection of three nominees will be determined by the full Diocesan Council at its next meeting in June 2010.

• South Canaan PA

A planned meeting between Metropolitan Jonah and retired Metropolitan Herman in the wake of the St. Tikhon’s Investigative Report, originally scheduled for Holy Week, has been postponed yet again. The Report found Metropolitan Herman answerable for mismanagement, self-dealing, poor record keeping and favoritism, among other misdeeds,which resulted in St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Bookstore suffering from massive debt. The Report also noted that the Monastery’s brotherhood suffered by being left in black-mold infested cells, even as the former head of the OCA had his own retirement quarters renovated. Metropolitan Herman and his aide, Martin Paluch, have subsequently made it known that they intend to continue living in the Jasiewicz house, which the recent STIC Report found they had “acted improperly” in acquiring for their use.

Following the Special Investigative Commission Report in August 2008, and Metropolitan Herman’s subsequent resignation in September 2008, the Synod of the OCA has barred +Herman from serving in the Seminary and Monastery that he controlled for 30 years. They have allowed him only to serve in a small nearby parish, except for Pascha, when he is allowed to serve in his former cathedral. Reports indicate that the retired Metropolitan did indeed serve in his former cathedral in Wilkes Barre at Pascha, where, to the surprise of many, he proceeded to commune his fully vested former Archdeacon, Alexis Klimitchev, in the altar. Klimitchev is currently under suspension by the Synod of Bishops.

• Chicago IL

Fr. Vasile Susan has published on the Pokrov website a new document relating to his six-year old case against
Archbishop Nathaniel . The document appears to be a signed memorandum of a frank discussion between Fr. Susan and the late Archbishop Job, held in December 2006. Other documents relating to the case may be found here.

• Colorado Springs CO

The Synod of the OCA will meet here April 26- 29th. Among the topics to be discussed is a review of the Strategic Planning process currently underway, as well as interviews with two priests the Synod has identified as prospective episcopal candidates.

-Mark Stokoe



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