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Grigorieff's Letter

November 25, 2005

To His Beatitude Herman
Archbishop of Washington
Metropolitan of All America and Canada
South Canaan, Pennsylvania

Your Beatitude, Dear Vladyko,

Please, excuse me for writing this letter. However, I consider it is my duty to do so because of my age (86) and sixty years of my service to our Church in various capacities.

As you understand, many priests and laymen including myself had been shocked by the revelations of gross improprieties in financial management of our Church, supported by solid data, made by former Treasurer of the Church Administration Protodeacon Eric Wheeler. “If even 10% of it is true...the conduct of those who have participated in these actions is simply unthinkable!” - stated Gregg Nescott, a U.S. Attorney in Pennsylvania.

Many of us familiar with Protodeacon Wheeler’s complaint and Mr. Nescott’s comments are grateful to your Beatitude and fully support your statement at the last meeting! of Metropolitan Council: “...this issue must be addressed forthrightly and accountably... I have asked Father Paul Kucynda, as acting Treasurer, to arrange for a full and complete independent audit of our financial records”.

It would be highly advisable to conduct audit from the time when Fr. Eric Wheeler was Treasurer of the Church and not just for the last years. If the allegations of Protodeacon Wheeler are confirmed the perpetrators of these wrongdoings have to be punished and removed from their positions. Attempts to cover them up for whatever reason will have a very harmful effect on you and on all of us priests and laymen loyal to our Church.

I and all my colleagues and friends support wholeheartedly your intention to address this issue “forthrightly and accountably”. We pray the Lord to give you His divine help in cleaning and renovating His House,

I am sorry ! for troubling you.

Asking for our archpastoral blessing and prayers, I remain faithfully yours in Christ,

Archpriest Dmitry Grigorieff



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