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Midwest Clergy Appeal To Holy Synod

Holy Martyrs of Nicomedia
February 7, 2006
No. 16

His Beatiude, the Most Blessed HERMAN, Archbishop of Washington and New York Metropoliltan of All America and Canada

The Most Reverend and Right Reverend Members of the Holy Synod of Bishops
Orthodox Church in America

PO Box 675
Syosset, NY 11791

Your Beatitude, Your Eminences, Your Graces:

Master, bless!

We, the undersigned clergy of the Diocese of the Midwest, gathered around our Archbishop at the Diocesan Clergy Convocation of 6-8 February 2006, express our unwavering support for His Eminence, Archbishop JOB's call for an answer to the question: "Are the allegations true, or false?"

We humbly appeal to Your Beatitude and to the Holy Synod to initiate an investigation into these allegations. This investigation must include an independent, professional forensic audit of all church accounts from 1996-2005, in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

We appeal to Your Beatitude and to the Holy Synod to appoint an investigative commission, including three bishops and such clergy and laypersons as deemed appropriate, to review this audit and report the findings to the Church.

We believe that this will indeed enable us to carry out Your Beatitude's desire and that of the Holy Synod "to place our focus on Christ and His saving mission." We make this appeal to You in a spirit of love and a desire for mutual peace.

Your servants in Christ,

Clergy of the Diocese of the Midwest (as undersigned)

Archpriest John Zdinak
Archpriest Thomas Mueller
Archpriest Daniel Rentel
Archpriest Peter Pawlack
Archpriest Andrew Yavornitzky
Priest Timothy Sawchak
Archpriest Michael Simerick
Priest Robert McMeekin
Priest Mark Hodges
Archpriest Michael Matsko
Archpriest Basil Stoyka
Archpriest Andrew Clements
Priest Paul Gassios
Priest John Peck
Priest James Dank
Priest Christopher Rowe
Archpriest John Steffaro
Archpriest Steven Kostoff
Archpriest Theodore Bobosh
Priest John Schroedel
Priest Andrew Moore
Priest Christopher Wojcik
Priest Bartholomew Wojcik
Archimandrite Alexander
Priest Joseph Gibson
Priest Gregory Dye
Priest Zachariah Trent
Priest Dusan Koprivica
Priest David Maroney
Priest Frederick Janecek
Priest Michael Butler
Archpriest Paul Wesche
Priest Philip Lashbrook
Priest Gregory Grivna
Priest Moses Berry
Archpriest John Kuchta
Priest Jonathan Cholcher
Archpriest Alexander Kuchta
Priest Joshua Frigerio
Archpriest Peter Bodnar
Priest Joseph Kopka
Priest Thaddeus Nielsen
Priest John Baker
Priest Stephen Hrycyniak
Protodeacon Nicholas Dzubay
Deacon Robert Northrup
Deacon Edwin Aasen
Deacon Mark Griffin
Deacon Danial Doss
Priest Anastasy Richter
Deacon Kelsios Willis
Priest John Wehling
Archpriest John Adamcio
Archpriest Stephen Karaffa
Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Priest David Lis
Priest Elijah Mueller





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