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10.11.06 Latest News


On First Day Midwest Assembly Overwhelmingly Passes Omnibus Resolution:

• Expressing No Confidence

• Demanding Adherance to Statute

• Requiring Full Financial Disclosure

• Setting Deadline To Begin Withholding

According to a press release posted on the Diocesan website at,

delegates to the 45th assembly of the Diocese
of the Midwest, after lengthy deliberation at the second plenary session, passed the following resolution:

“We acknowledge the current financial scandal and leadership crisis within the OCA is intolerable to the Faithful members of this diocese. It is the mind of the Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of the Midwest, meeting in Palatine, IL, this 11th day of October 2006, that we have no confidence in the manner in which the administration in Syosset, NY, has handled this
crisis and scandal.

We call upon the Metropolitan, the Synod of Bishops, and the Metropolitan Council of the OCA to adhere to the Statutes of the OCA in their entirety including accepting the competencies of all bodies within the OCA.

In an effort to provide administrative accountability and fiscal transparency, the recommendations of the auditors for full financial disclosure and generally accepted accounting principles need to be fully
implemented (e.g., quarterly budgetary reporting).

If by the Spring Session of the Synod of Bishops, March, 2007, any aspects of the Statutes are being violated, the Diocese of the Midwest will begin
putting its assessment in escrow.

His Eminence, Archbishop Job, with the Diocesan Council, will make the determination on this matter."

While the actual vote total was not reported on the Diocesan website, witnesses at the meeting say the measure passed by an overwhelming margin, led by Archbishop Job himself.

The Diocesan Assembly concludes on Thursday, October 12th. A full report on the Assembly, its resolutions and decisions will be posted on Friday, October 13th.

- Mark Stokoe


(Editor's Note: As some of you may know I was scheduled to be a delegate to the Assembly, and had promised to post reports about the Assembly in real time. Unfortunately, I broke my ankle six days ago. Instead of speaking in Palatine this morning, I was undergoing the necessary surgery in Dayton. All is well. My thanks to all who sent their best wishes and prayers.)






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