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The Patriarchate of Romania's official website at Patriahia.ro has now withdrawn its press release of July 6th announcing a vote of its Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese and the OCA's Romanian Orthodox Episcopate "to unite under the canonical and spiritual protection of their mother Church, the Romanian Orthodox Church".  (You can read the earlier press release here).

In its place, the Romanian Patriarchate has published another press release, dated July 4th, on the English language page of its official press service at basilica.ro/en/ . The new press release reads:

"The 76th Congress of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America Debates the Proposal of Unification with the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Canada

The 76th Congress of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate 'Romanian Hearth' of America started today, July 4th. The Congress debates the proposal of unification between the two Romanian eparchies in the Americas, namely the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate 'Romanian Hearth' which is a diocese of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) and the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Canada, under the jurisdiction of the Romanian Patriarchate.

Rev. Mircea Alexa Uta, Patriarchal counselor - External Communities Sector, said that the meeting has also a commemorative character, as this year have passed 50 years since the passing into eternity of the first bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, Policarp Morusca.

The two Romanian episcopal structures have been split since 1947. Father Mircea Alexa Uta has indicated that the main motivation of the unification proposal is the sincere desire for reconciliation showed by the hierarchy and faithful of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate, which has already been done through the reciprocal request for forgiveness of the delegates from the two Romanian Orthodox ecclesiastic structures in America.

The unification proposal was written in the joint statement issued after the meeting of the dialog (sic) commission between the two Romanian ecclesiastical structures in the United States and the Romanian Patriarchate, on February 25-27 2008."



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