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Bishop Tikhon Calls for Metropolitan, Bishops To Take Action Against

Archbishop Job

Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco, Los Angeles and the West has written a letter, dated 3 February, reiterating his conviction that church discipline be applied to Archbishop Job for his "reprehensible actions", "egregious behavior", "unconscionable conduct" and for "expressing rebellious principle" concerning the ongoing financial scandal in Syosset.

The Letter

In a letter, sent to all active OCA Bishops (with the exception of Archbishop Job), Bishop Tikhon makes reference and encloses a previous letter to Archbishop Job, written in December 2005, in which he suggested several possible 'solutions' to the problem of Archbishop Job including suspension, deposition or retirement.

In this new letter Tikhon complains to his fellow Bishops about Archbishop Job:

"I am enclosing for Your Grace's reading a copy of a letter I mailed last December to his Eminence, Archbishop Job, of Chicago and the Midwest, with a copy to His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman. At that time, I did not include as addressees Your Grace, the rest of the Holy Synod and/or active vicarial Bishops. Since that time, it seems that there has appeared no reaction to my complaints of egregious behavior and recommendations for one of several possible solutions. Not only has there been no reaction; on the contrary, it has been demonstrated by the actions of His Eminence after he returned to his Diocese after a recent Lesser Synod meeting – a meeting which had opened by His Beatitude with a clear, stern written admonition relative to such behavior – that His Eminence could not refrain from expressing rebellious principle through indicating that a document issued in his name and the rest of the Less Synod was accepted only grudgingly by him!"

OCANews , Midwest Clergy Threatened Too

In the succeeding paragraph Bishop Tikhon mentions by name, claiming that the website could "only have been carried out with the explicit or implicit blessing of Archbishop Job." He also mocks "such sacerdotal luminaries as Archpriest Michael Simerick or Jason Kappanadze". While Bishop Tikhon says his complaint is again Archbishop Job personally, and that he makes no recommendations for punitive actions against the equally "reprehensible" actions of the clergy or laity of the Midwest Diocese, he concludes with an implicit threat that the abovementioned priests and the website " ...if not addressed by His Eminence (Job), could be addressed by another Hierarch succeeding to that See."

Clergy Warned

According to particpants at the recent Midwest clergy convocation, a copy of Bishops Tikhon's letter arrived in Chicago on the evening of February 7th; shortly after the clergy had signed their request to the Metropolitan Herman for an audit and investigation. The Archbishop read Bishop Tikhon's letter to the assembled clergy the following morning. As reported this past Saturday, the clergy attending the convocation discussed what the Archdiocese would do if an attempt were made to suspend, depose or forcibly retire the Archbishop.

(Editors note: Archpriest Jason Kappanadze is not a member of the clergy of the Midwest Diocese, but of the NY/NJ/WA Archdiocese. He has already been silenced by Metropolitan Herman. Read article here. has neither sought nor received the explicit or implicit blessing of Archbishop Job.)




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